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Programming Polyglot

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Asking which programming language is best is a good way to start a debate among novice programmers. Like many I started to learn with Visual Basic, Then I progressed to using Java, which gave me mental breakdowns every time I tied using it. Then I progressed to Javascript, where my piece de resistance was a pretty crappy, but functional chess game.

Then I went to university and we were taught mainly in Java. So the Java came in useful, and around this time, I thought of javascript as a dying technology, just used for spam. But the Internet was still young. I knew nothing of AJAX. Three years of Java later, I was getting pretty good, but what was I going to do, spend all day building desktop applications? It just didn’t feel right. I took a few years out, then started building a compiler for LOLCODE in C, using Flex and Bison. Turns out that Facebooks PHP accelerator hiphop uses the same tools. Then I started working with Ruby and PHP, and dabbled with a tiny bit of Lisp.

Perl, PHP Python and Ruby, those are currently my languages of choice. What’s yours?