Programming Polyglot

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Asking which programming language is best is a good way to start a debate among novice programmers. Like many I started to learn with Visual Basic, Then I progressed to using Java, which gave me mental breakdowns every time I tied using it. Then I progressed to Javascript, where my piece de resistance was a pretty crappy, but functional chess game.

Then I went to university and we were taught mainly in Java. So the Java came in useful, and around this time, I thought of javascript as a dying technology, just used for spam. But the Internet was still young. I knew nothing of AJAX. Three years of Java later, I was getting pretty good, but what was I going to do, spend all day building desktop applications? It just didn’t feel right. I took a few years out, then started building a compiler for LOLCODE in C, using Flex and Bison. Turns out that Facebooks PHP accelerator hiphop uses the same tools. Then I started working with Ruby and PHP, and dabbled with a tiny bit of Lisp.

Perl, PHP Python and Ruby, those are currently my languages of choice. What’s yours?


2 comments on “Programming Polyglot

  1. syntaxrick says:

    Hello. You seem to have pretty good knowledge regarding programming languages so I have a question. I am currently seeking a BA in linguistics, but I was also considering in getting a certificate in computational linguistics to compliment my BA degree. One of the requirements is that we show competence with a programming language and we are given certain languages that apply, so I was wondering if you could suggest one of the following, that would be easiest to learn for someone that has no experience in programming languages.

    Here are some of the options the university has. Perl, Python, Ruby, Prolog, Lisp, Java, or C(++). Chances are I will be teaching myself this, if this matters anyway. Thanks for your time 🙂

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