Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Something which we believe in, here at PJs.Cat HQ, is giving users accurate, attractive feedback on the Posts that they create. I decided on creating a graph to let people know how often other users were saving their Posts but after trying a lot of different graph-creating software, found that the free stuff doesn’t look good enough, and I am committed to using open source software as much as possible when building this site.

I was willing to make an exception for the Google API, which I though made pretty good graphs, however I have not used it in the main site, because the look and feel just didn’t fit in with the rest of the page. I think I might create an Awsome-O-Meter for the catistics page (which I have yet to create and will show things like site traffic, total number of users and Posts per day).

After being unable to find what I wanted, I ended up creating my own bar chart, showing users how much their Posts had been saved in the previous week.

It made sense to display it when you are looking at Posts you have saved, and makes the process of using our micro blog a little more interactive.


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