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Automatic Email is Easy!

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Something which has been worrying me with the development of was how do we automatically send users email? When a new user signs up, I may want to send an activation email. When a user loses their password and they need to reset it, we’ve got to send out an email.

But every time I tried sending one, it didn’t work.

I decided to put it to the back of my mind, and sort it out later. I had a hunch, and that hunch was that the emails weren’t sending because the local server on my computer wasn’t fully set up.

Well today I uploaded this really really simple PHP script to my new web server:

And I was rewarded with this message:

It worked! Now I know, it just seems so easy.

For me the magical world of email just got reduced to a few simple lines of code.


My Determination Will Make This Blog Great

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Willpower is often understated. People rely on their luck far too much, afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone, but I do believe in making my own luck. I believe in being the master of my own destiny. Sometimes people become rich or successful overnight, but I think that for most of us it takes time and good old fashioned hard work. This blog is very new, just over one week old, but I have the determination to make it big.

I’ll move mountains if I have to. I’ll move rivers and streams. I’m here for the long haul and I believe that anything is possible if you try hard enough, and that effort will be made. This is the PJs.Cat blog, hear me roar!

What Makes a Good Terms of Service?

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Tumblr has recently updated it’s Terms Of Service (TOS), some legal mumbo jumbo to which you must “agree” in order to use it. Gizmodo has recently written an interesting article highlighting jokes which were written into the dense legal text.

What the agreement looks like to most people

I will of course have to write my own TOS for PJs.Cat, in order for everything to be above board.

Googles TOS look like they were written in legaleese and contains SCARY SECTIONS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS which freaks me out.

The WordPress TOS are logically organised into 19 short segments, and is licenced under a a Creative Commons Sharealike license, meaning that anybody is “more than welcome to steal it”. And I think I shall, thank you very much ᵔᵜᵔ (attribution will, of course be given).

A balance needs to be struck between covering my own ass from the needless litigation of parasitic institutions and reprehensible individuals, and clear, clean, simple guidelines that the actual human beings who use the service can actually read.

Beliebers are making Twitter unbearable

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

In my last post I discussed how positive feedback can encourage a better quality of website content from users.

Trying to be the ‘bigger man’ I kept the spin positive, and chose not to examine websites which I believe are not succeeding to achieve this. But today I logged onto Twitter, and was appauled by the sheer number of Trending Tweets relating to Justin Bieber.

I know everyone loves to hate JB, almost to the point of cliché, but just take a look at this screenshot of trending tweets:

Four of the top 10 Hashtags relate to Bieber. These include “Buy Boyfriend Tonight”, “Believe Will Slay The Charts”, “Boyfriend Will Win Grammys” and “Beliebers Want Bieberconda”.

See, Justins got this scam going where girls who like his music get to pretend like he is their boyfriend, which is a shrewd marketing strategy, but deeply, deeply annoying.

If PJs.Cat ever gets filled with Beliebers and people who post huge volumes of Harry Potter related musings, you have my express permission to delete any accounts you may have with us post haste.

PJs.Cat will not stand for this standard of Tweets

The Merits of Positive Feedback

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

The like button 

The +1 button 

The press this button 

People love positive feedback. People love praise. People like cats.

That’s one reason why PJs.Cat is going to be great. Gamification is written into its design from day one. Below is a sneak preview of what I am working on at the moment. It’s not complete, but with the Star, Save and Follow icons, users have three different ways to give positive feedback; which I hope will help encourage users to contribute quality content to the site.

The design is not perfect but I am …. positive that you’ll like it.

Cool TLD Hacks

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Most websites use normal TLDs like .com,, or .org.

Legitimate. Normal. Boring. Some websites, like PJs.Cat (launch and patent pending) make use of the noble art of the TLD hack. Google for example owns (with .gl being the TLD for Greenland) and Perhaps the most famous examples of this include and

You can even have! The .cat TLD is under utilised, and the only site I have ever heard of that uses it is

The Internet is full of cyber squatters, sitting on all the best .com websites, so using a good TLD hack is a great way to get a catchy, interesting, short and unique URL for your website.

If you want to make your own try, though it is not allways 100% accurate, as I found when I tried to register and found there is a 3 character minimum for Austria’s .at domain.

So how did I feel when I finally registered PJs.Cat?


Site Lunch Possibilites

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

When I put the Beta testing version of my site online, I will need to recruit Beta testers, before going on to accumulate new users. Jeff Atwood announced the launch of Stack Overflow of his blog. Gabriel Weinberg announced the launch of DuckDuckGo in Hacker News. It looks like MLKSHK announced it’s launch from Typepad.

One thing is for sure, when PJs.Cat launches, you will hear it here first.

Biding our Time

We are Biding our Time 'till the launch

In the mean time I’ve just created the PJs.Cat Twitter account, so why not follow?

Why the blog?

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Hello, World!

My name is Adjam, and welcome to the official blog for PJs.Cat.

This blog exists to help increase my luck surface area. By following Jeff Atwood’s advice about blogging success I can drum up some interest in my work, before launching. From now on amazing and regular blog posts will be uploaded on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.